Kenton Glass - @notnek


Hi, I’m Kenton Glass. I’m not your typical design geek. I only wear thick framed glasses at night and I don’t have an Apple sticker on my car. But don’t let my coolness fool you. I’ve got a barrel of hipster rock bands and a list of fonts you should never use to back up my rep as a great designer. I’ve created websites for universities, non-profits, photographers, artists, and social networking organizations. My work is professional, functional, modern, and smart.

I’m from a small town in Western Kentucky and now reside in Nashville, TN where I’m a front end web developer at Emma. I studied graphic design at Western Kentucky University.

If you’d like to discuss a project, please send an email to Be sure to include your budget and anticipated start date. I prefer web design and development, or developing your design. I rarely do print or logo design.

I’m currently not available for new projects.